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Have a few questions? Here's a few answers!

  • I want to book a photo session, but I'm worried that my children or significant other won't be into it, and what if we don't know what to do in front of the camera?"
    No need to worry! I absolutely love working with children and I'll come prepared with various games, prompts and general silliness (I've even been known to bring out a "fart machine" from time to time). I love photographing children's unique and expressive personalities. Similarly, for adults, I'll arrive with a plan, and I'll guide you all along the way. The key to an excellent photoshoot with me is not to hold still and look at the camera, it's to take the opportunity to press pause on the busyness of life, breathe the mountain air, look into each other's eyes and enjoy these passing moments with the ones you cherish most. You can have fun and leave the rest to me!
  • What should I wear?
    Choosing outfits for a photo session can be a stressful decision! I've found that most clients are unsure of what clothing styles look best in photos. I want to make your photoshoot as stress free as possible, and part of that includes effortless styling! Beginning with all new bookings for sessions July 2021 and onward, I will now be offering a custom styling experience to ALL clients for all petite and full sessions! When you book your session, I'll collect information on the style/vibe you're wanting to convey as well as everyone's clothing size. If you've already purchased an outift to use for your session, I'll ask for you to send me a photo of the outfit so that I can build the remaining outfits around what you've already purchased. If you'd like to use some items from my client closet that is an option as well (full sessions only). I use my knowledge of color theory and apply that knowledge with your preferences and selected photoshoot location in mind to create recommendations for a cohesive style with outfit ideas for all participants. You will also have access to my online interactive styling bar so that you can effortlessly select and order outfits for your session.
  • Do you have a client closet?
    The short answer is, YES! I began building my client closet this year (2021) so it is still fairly small and includes a handful of women's and girl's dresses, newborn swaddles and props, as well as a few accessories, chairs and blankets. When I put together your style boards, if any of my client closet dresses fit your size and desired style and color palette they will be included as options for you to use! I also have a client closet wishlist, and the dresses from that wishlist will be included as some of the options on your styling boards. If you choose to purchase a wishlist dress, you will be eligible for dress buyback, so it's win-win! If you decide to opt in for dress buyback, immediately following your session you (or your child) will change out of the unstained/undamaged wishlist dress, and send it home with me. In exchange for your dress, you will receive gallery cart credit for printed products in the amount of your dress, minus shipping and taxes. So be sure to keep your receipt!
  • What stores will the outfits from the styling service come from? And how much do pieces typically cost?
    I include outfits from a wide variety of online retailers including some lesser known awesome boutiques. Some of the common stores included are H&M, Gap, Zara, Old Navy and Baltic Born. My intention is to keep the price point with styling manageable. And as mentioned in a previous section, I offer buyback for outfits that are on my client closet wishlist! Additionally, I like to use classic pieces as much as possible to give a more timeless look. Once you see some of the recommended styles, may realize "Johnny already has a henley shirt almost exactly like that!" or "That twirly dress looks just like the one I bought Suzie last week!" If that's the case, the suggestions were effective in helping you realize that a few pieces you already have will work well for your photoshoot!
  • How long do sessions last?
    Anywhere between 30 minutes and 2.5 hours depending on the package and optional add ons selected ​
  • Where do the sessions take place?
    We can discuss your preferences the type of scenery you want in your images. Based on the time of year and the time of day for the session, I will make location recommendations for you to choose from. I have a wide array of Western North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina "tried and true" locations including mountaintops, waterfalls, flower fields, streams, wooded trails, lakes, tree farms and more!
  • What if it rains on the day of my session?
    You have a couple options: we can absolutely reschedule due to inclimate weather -OR- If it's not a flash flood situation, and you're up for an adventure, I can bring rain gear for my camera and clear umbrellas for your family and we can have a unique session in the rain! Little kids splashing in puddles while wearing rainboots is basically the cutest thing ever, or aduls and older kids hanging out in the base of a waterfall while it's raining can be pretty magical as well. Rain soaked hair can also add a steamy pasionate vibe to couple's sessions as well.
  • How and when are my photos delivered?
    I typically shoot hundreds of images each session. I will go through each image and select only the very best for your reveal, I will then edit each one to artfully bring out the color tones, depth, light and the emotion behind each image. Within 1-2 weeks from your session, you will have a reveal-design-ordering appointment. This is when you will view the images from you session and make your final purchases. We will work together at this appointment to design your final products: gallery walls, albums, storyboxes and more. After all designed items have been paid in full (a payment plan is available), your fine art products will be ordered. They will be delivered within 6-8 weeks.
  • What is the process for booking a session?
    1. Please complete the contact form (button below) and ask any questions you have. 2. You will receive an automated response with some initial information, and I will call you within 2 business days to answer any questions you may have and give you the opportunity to book an available session. 3. If you wish to book a session, I'll send over the booking link and contract. 4. A completed contract + release form signed by all adult participants + Session Fee is required to reserve your desired date and time.
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